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After finishing in 2 Australian Ironman Triathlon Dave has become an endurance gardener

And bloody well  proud to be

Blueberry Cottage

Mount Elephant Tasmania Australia

Open Gardens Honeysuckle Studio  



Dec 25th  2014



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               Blueberry Cottage is a natural country garden set
               on fifty acres of what we call paradise. The area
               abounds with bird and wildlife and we are totally
               organic. The cold climate supports perennials
               bulbs and berries. From our studio we offer in season
               homemade jams, jellies, seeds and handmade dolls.




Purveyors since 1997

Of Blueberry jam. Povidle Eastern European plum jam and the now very famous Onion Marmalade

Our gardens have been part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme  Look for us as part of Tourism Tasmania  or in your rental car map as gardens in the East Coast section Elephant Pass

Blueberry Cottage is situated down the road behind the Mount Elephant pancake barn but you already knew that. Look for the road signs


Honeysuckle Studio  The outlet for our wares brings out the creative nature of Trudi our reluctant  gardener Her dedication is reflected in her work she refers to as a hobby